pinned it, made it: watercolor thank-you notes

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and then tried my hand at making my own! (One of my personal betterment resolutions for 2014 is to be better at getting thank-you notes out in a timely way. I’m super embarrassed of how terribly I’ve fallen out of the practice, but I’ve promised myself “no more!”)

thank you cards 3 thank you cards 2 thank you cards 1

My lettering skills leave quite a bit to be desired, but I am OK with that. Plus, I found all the supplies in my basement! (#bonus) Props to Scout’s Honor Co.’s delightful blog for heaps of inspiration. Have you been inspired to create from Pinterest lately? If so, I’d love to know what you’re making!



a golden opportunity

1981810_10202001873143914_439652088_nGenerally, when someone starts talking about anything related to Kickstarter, I have a horrible tendency to immediately tune out. But every once in a (great) while, a project comes along that’s so incredibly worthy, I can’t get my credit card out fast enough. Such is the case with Bill and Kara Kurth’s initiative to raise funds for the future home of their business, Golden Age Design.

1904261_725578910809706_857880675_nFor the past four years, Golden Age Design has been refinishing and refurbishing mid-century furniture, bringing new life to once-glorious pieces marred over time with water marks, chipped corners and lackluster finishes. After Bill applies his mad refinishing skills, each piece is brought back to life and ready for another generation of use. And all of this is done out of their home and (in their words) dingy garage.
3Michelle-500x751In order to present these freshly restored gems in a setting they deserve, the Kurths need a bigger, more public space, which they found on the main drag of their hometown of Robbinsdale, Minnesota. But, like any building from the 1800s, their future dream space needs a little TLC. To help them turn this fixer-upper into an intimate, quality buying experience, they need our help. While I feel like their furniture speaks for itself, if you have a minute, please do take a minute and hear ’em out! (They’re pretty much the most adorable couple of all time.)

Pledges ranging from $5 to $8,000 are welcome and rewarded with loads fun stuff including: an adorable “You’re Golden” cake topper, made by my friends Oh Dier ($45 pledge); a private mid-century collector seminar ($100), personalized design consultations ($500), a whole room designed, furnished and painting by GAD ($8,000+). I personally sprung for the Styling Class ($100 pledge), as Kara’s sense of style is pretty much impeccable and if there’s anyone I’d trust with my pillow placement, it’s her. If you too, care to give these champions of vintage a little push to the finish line, there’s nine days left to get in on what I consider a truly golden opportunity.



midweek melodies: my secret weapon running mix

high plains thrifter Way back when my boyfriend and I first started dating, I asked him to make me a mix to run to. Five years later this collection of classic rock still gets me moving, even on days when I’m beyond exhausted and my motivation is nil. Every single song is a bonda fide rocker, making it ideal listening for jogs, gym sessions or whenever you need to buckle down and TCB. Including, for instance, a long, end-of-winter Wednesday afternoon. ;-)



spring cleaning

Obvious fact: Today is Wednesday. Ash Wednesday to be exact, the very first day of Lent. Since high school, I’ve had an odd attachment to this season. (Odd only because I’m about as Catholic as a clam.) Off and on since I was 17 or so, I’ve given up various vices for Lent, including, in no particular order, smoking, beer, TV, McDonald’s ice cream, trashy gossip rags, chocolate, etc. After 40 days, some habits I left behind forever (as was the case with cigarettes), while others naturally ventured back into my regular routine (as was the case with everything else).

This year, I’ve decided to do a bit of a seasonal reset of the eating variety, based on Mise En Place, a cleansing plan recently released by Andrea Duclos & Amanda Williams. Their approach in a nutshell? Eat a whole plant-based diet instead of food with labels. (My addendum: Try not to die.) It’s not the most flashy of plans, but the guidance is sound, sensible, friendly and affordable, i.e., exactly the kind of love my winter-worn spirit needs.

{new!} some snacks for winter brightness // the first mess

To get myself psyched about cooking VEGETABLES, I’ve been gathering inspiration and saving it here, including a few glorious-looking recipes from The First Mess, a few of which are pictured above. I’m sure many of y’all are familiar with Laura’s blog and her insanely beautiful work, but hot damn, it’s just too pretty to not share again. Speaking of pretty, tonight’s dinner (aka tomorrow’s lunch) was a real looker I have to say, and tasty to boot. Here’s hoping the next 39 days are equally yum-filled!

What about you guys? Any other non-Catholics out there giving up something for Lent? (BUELLER?) Regardless, let me know how you’re getting ready to boogie your way into spring/summer. It’s bound to be here soon right? (Fingers crossed.)



P.S. This is about all I’ll be talking about my Lenten veg-fest adventure around there parts, but please feel free to check out my ‘grams or search the hashtag #ohdearcravings for updates.

Photos c/o: me +  Oh Dear Drea's IG + The First Mess.

pinned it, made it: bejewelled beanie

Pinned this

Bejewelled Beanie

and then made my own!

high plains thrifter // diy bejewelled beanie

It was seriously so easy. Plus, all the supplies (except the needle and thread) were thrifted! The never-worn hat was found at the new Nicollet Avenue Goodwill for $1.99. The necklace turned beanie bling is from the Salvation Army Family Store, also on Nicollet, and cost $2.99. Staying glitzy (and warm) in the midst of this never-ending polar vortex? Priceless. Many, many thanks to Fran of Fall for DIY for the inspiration!

Stay warm, my dears!



P.S. Do you save your DIY or craft ideas on Pinterest? If so, leave your board address in a comment so I can follow along. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you!

a v-day mix, from me to you

tumblr_n0wfhfNdz31qmw1oho1_500Happy Friday, loves. In honor of the holiday, I made you a mix of songs that make me think of the real, true, forever kind of love. Buck Owens, Thin Lizzy, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Loretta Lynn—who wouldn’t fall head over heels for this lineup? Please do give it a listen, my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

xoxo always,


Image c/o: Phases Phrases Photos

looking at the world with brand-new eyes

Last Friday afternoon, a couple dear friends, a few bottles of wine, some snacks and an unrealistic number of books, piled all cozy-like into my car. We were headed to Clare’s Well, and in all honestly, I had no idea what to expect. It turned out that our destination was magical, in the most sacred of ways. Two perfect days later, I returned home in a state I’m unfamiliar with—complete calm. And after work on Monday, I started a post about my trip…and wound up completely stuck.

Then I went to see Roky Erickson perform at First Avenue. Two-thirds of the way through his set, he sang his 13th Floor Elevators song “Roller Coaster.” And while yes, there were 2,000-some people there, and yes, this song is about tripping balls, when I heard him sing “you’re looking at the world with brand new eyes, and no one can ever spoil the view,” I was like, “YES! That’s exactly how I feel!” Leave it to a classic psych-rock song to sum up my feelings so succinctly.

I returned from Clare’s Well with fresh perspective in spades; a feeling I’d wrongly assumed I needed to go far, far away to feel. My heart’s so full, and yet, when it comes to the words, I still, two days later, keep coming up short. Fortunately, I took a lot of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites (that I didn’t post to Instagram).

high plains thrifter // clare's well

high plains thrifter // clare's well // lending libraryclare's well // happy ali high plains thrifter // clare's well // wisdomhigh plains thrifter // clare's well // dome chatshigh plains thrifter // clare's well // meggie + meghan selfiehigh plains thrifter // clare's well // meowhigh plains thrifter // clare's well // chocolate pie

high plains thrifter // clare's well // lake maria

high plains thrifter // clare's well // macrame heavenhigh plains thrifter // clare's well // lending library yoga

high plains thrifter // clare's well // loft bed coziness

high plains thrifter // clare's well // dome at sunset

I’m already counting down the days ’til I can go back.



P.S. The photos in this post were taken and processed using VSCO Cam. It’s the best.

workin’ it: all about dem wangz

Right off the bat, let me say that this post is not for my vegetarian friends. It’s about chicken wings. Second, can I just say how lucky am I to have a job that requires me to lead a project the revolves around nothing but chicken wing recipes? Someone pinch me please. Below are some behind-the-scenes snaps I took at the photo shoot.

Before this project, I thought making restaurant-style chicken wings at home would be super hard. I’d tried a few recipes for them in the slow cooker, but they never tasted bar-quality. I’m happy to say that these recipes are REALLY easy, and many of them are made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. #bonus

For details on any of the (delicious) recipes, just click the pics. Or to see all of the recipes at once, pop over and check out the full slideshow!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Photo Credits Photographer: Richard Wong 
Lead food stylist: Lisa Golden Scroeder 
Props: Libby Hegtvedt 
Styling + art direction: yours truly!



Disclosure: During the day, I work as Senior Editor on via MSP Communications. This post is not sponsored by, or affiliated with that work.

the beauty thrifter is in!

high plains thrifter // How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Your MakeupAs someone who has struggled with stinging eyes and burn-y sensations from even the most “sensitive” of drugstore eye-makeup removers, I’m so stoked to share a natural solution that’s as gentle on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Hop on over to Beauty Bets today to learn all about it!



Photo credit: Julia McMahon // LB Jeffries Photography

sick day netflix faves

It’s never fun to be sick, but gosh darn it if Netflix streaming doesn’t make it easier, am I right? And, seeing as I spent last Thursday through Sunday couch-bound in pile of coughs and Kleenex, I wound up watching a LOT of TV. Here are a handful of my new-found faves…

McMillan & Wife: Susan Saint James’ wardrobe alone makes this worthwhile to watch.

mmillian1 The Fruit Hunters: Best watched with a big ‘ol bowl of fruit on your lap.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel: What. A. Woman!

Top of the Lake: UGH, this is a serious punch in the gut. So well-done.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti: Because when it’s -10 degrees outside, it’s kind of nice to zone out and take in some pretty tropical waves. (The fact that Kelly Slater stars doesn’t hurt.)

Have you been into anything lately on the ol’ Netflix? Do tell me what you’ve been tuning into!