midweek melodies: the sonics


I don’t know about you, but today feels like it should be Thursday…of next week. This week has just been slogging on by! Partially to blame, I’m sure, is the amount of fun stuff I have going on this weekend, including seeing The Sonics at First Avenue.


If you’re unfamiliar, The Sonics are a garage band from Tacoma, Washington, and their heydey was the early ’60s. Like all other (good) garage bands, their music is wild, hard and fast, so much so that whenever I put a record of theirs on, I can’t help but get fired up. Whether I’m running at the Y or powering through post-lunch desk slump or just in need of a mind-clearning, tush-wiggling dance party in my living room, The Sonics always hit the spot for me. Needless to say, I am pretty pumped to see them perform. I start grinning just thinking about it! In light of it being Wednesday (worst day of the week) and, of course, of Saturday’s show, today seems as good a time as any to share a mix of some of my favorite Sonics jams.

In light of it being Wednesday (aka the second-worst day of the week) and, of course, of Saturday’s show, today seems as good a time as any to share a mix of some of my favorite Sonics jams.

Warning: Listening to these songs may result in motivation.



P.S. Tickets for The Sonics are still available, so if you like what you heard or you’re simply in need of something (AWESOME) to do, get some already. It’s a freaking bargain, especially considering the opening bands are also badass!

Photos c/o: Tumblr.

my year in music


There are a million ways to measure success. One of mine, for example, relates to the number of ticket stubs added to a dresser drawer. This year, I had the good fortune of taking in a lot of music, and in the process, racking up loads of memories with my main squeeze and paper mementos to add to the drawer. Here are a few highlights.

January: Prince at the Dakota. An absolutely unforgettable night. The runner-up? A masterful and marvelous Martha Reeves.

martha reeves // the dakota

February: Eric Burdon at the Medina Entertainment Center. My favorite show of the entire year, without a doubt.  (PSA: He’s coming back in February and, last I checked, tickets are still available!)

April: I went to see Fleetwood Mac, Toots and Lynn Anderson this month, but Johnny Rivers at Treasure Island wins out as the most memorable of them all. (No offense, Stevie.)

May: Road-tripping with friends to the Surf Ballroom to see Willie play (and meeting Paul English before the show) was a definite highlight of the year, despite my bitch-face below. Runner-up: Front-row seats to see my queen, Loretta Lynn.


June: Happening upon Dale Watson at The Continental Club stands out as the highlight of June. What a dreamboat.


July: Braving the drizzle to take in Brian Wilson and Al Jardine at the Minnesota Zoo. Honored to be in the general vicinity of such a genius.


August: Driving up to St. Cloud to see Bobby Bare at Rollie’s the day after returning home from our summer road trip. Tiring, but worth it 100-percent.


October: Savoring fall weather and tons of delicious beer at Indeed’s Hullabaloo. I truly enjoyed all of the acts, but Sonny Knight and the Lakers was by far my favorite. Love this man, and his band, like a lot.


November: Going to see Allen Toussaint for the second time was also pretty special. Below’s a video of him playing piano on “Working in a Coal Mine,” a song he wrote, with vocal support from Irma Thomas and Dolly Parton (seen both of those gals too!) and Dr. John. Too funny not to share.


December: Last but certainly not least, I’ve been loving watching my honey get back to playing music, including a show at Palmer’s earlier this month. He’s the best, and I can’t wait to keep being his no. 1 fan in 2014.


What music made your most-memorable list in 2013? Any acts I should keep my eyes open for?



monday melodies: a christmas mix for YOU!


Seriously, how much do you want to swap circumstances with the woman pictured above? Trade the computer and office for a pool float and crystal-blue water, bobbing with ornaments? Where do I sign up? Alas, I’m at work today, wrapping up loose ends and getting ahead before a gloriously long, nine-day (!!!) break. In case you, too, are spending today in front of a screen, below is a mix o’ music I put together for your ears only. It’s eclectic as all get out, but I hope listening to it makes your work day feel a little bit (79 minutes, to be precise) shorter. If you like what you hear, I shared a holiday mix here a couple years ago, in case you want to give that one a listen too.

Christmas break, here we come!



Photo c/o: Honey Ryder