the beauty thrifter is in!

DSC_8926This week over on Beauty Bets, I’m sharing my love for Neutrogena’s crazy-awesome Triple Repair hair products and renewed appreciation for those pink foam rollers you may remember from your youth. On the hunt for heat-free styles, the setting method I’ve happened upon, using these cushy rollers, fits the bill exactly.

DSC_8797My hair is loving the break from the heat of hot rollers, hairdryers and curling irons, and I’m loving the extra sleep I’m getting because this style fixes itself overnight. In the morning, all I have to do is stumble out of bed, un-clip the rollers, finger-comb the curls and I’m on my way.

DSC_8946For the full scoop, please do pop on over to Beauty Bets!



Photos c/o: Julia McMahon, LB Jeffries Photography

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