a golden opportunity

1981810_10202001873143914_439652088_nGenerally, when someone starts talking about anything related to Kickstarter, I have a horrible tendency to immediately tune out. But every once in a (great) while, a project comes along that’s so incredibly worthy, I can’t get my credit card out fast enough. Such is the case with Bill and Kara Kurth’s initiative to raise funds for the future home of their business, Golden Age Design.

1904261_725578910809706_857880675_nFor the past four years, Golden Age Design has been refinishing and refurbishing mid-century furniture, bringing new life to once-glorious pieces marred over time with water marks, chipped corners and lackluster finishes. After Bill applies his mad refinishing skills, each piece is brought back to life and ready for another generation of use. And all of this is done out of their home and (in their words) dingy garage.
3Michelle-500x751In order to present these freshly restored gems in a setting they deserve, the Kurths need a bigger, more public space, which they found on the main drag of their hometown of Robbinsdale, Minnesota. But, like any building from the 1800s, their future dream space needs a little TLC. To help them turn this fixer-upper into an intimate, quality buying experience, they need our help. While I feel like their furniture speaks for itself, if you have a minute, please do take a minute and hear ’em out! (They’re pretty much the most adorable couple of all time.)

Pledges ranging from $5 to $8,000 are welcome and rewarded with loads fun stuff including: an adorable “You’re Golden” cake topper, made by my friends Oh Dier ($45 pledge); a private mid-century collector seminar ($100), personalized design consultations ($500), a whole room designed, furnished and painting by GAD ($8,000+). I personally sprung for the Styling Class ($100 pledge), as Kara’s sense of style is pretty much impeccable and if there’s anyone I’d trust with my pillow placement, it’s her. If you too, care to give these champions of vintage a little push to the finish line, there’s nine days left to get in on what I consider a truly golden opportunity.



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