spring cleaning

Obvious fact: Today is Wednesday. Ash Wednesday to be exact, the very first day of Lent. Since high school, I’ve had an odd attachment to this season. (Odd only because I’m about as Catholic as a clam.) Off and on since I was 17 or so, I’ve given up various vices for Lent, including, in no particular order, smoking, beer, TV, McDonald’s ice cream, trashy gossip rags, chocolate, etc. After 40 days, some habits I left behind forever (as was the case with cigarettes), while others naturally ventured back into my regular routine (as was the case with everything else).

This year, I’ve decided to do a bit of a seasonal reset of the eating variety, based on Mise En Place, a cleansing plan recently released by Andrea Duclos & Amanda Williams. Their approach in a nutshell? Eat a whole plant-based diet instead of food with labels. (My addendum: Try not to die.) It’s not the most flashy of plans, but the guidance is sound, sensible, friendly and affordable, i.e., exactly the kind of love my winter-worn spirit needs.

{new!} some snacks for winter brightness // the first mess

To get myself psyched about cooking VEGETABLES, I’ve been gathering inspiration and saving it here, including a few glorious-looking recipes from The First Mess, a few of which are pictured above. I’m sure many of y’all are familiar with Laura’s blog and her insanely beautiful work, but hot damn, it’s just too pretty to not share again. Speaking of pretty, tonight’s dinner (aka tomorrow’s lunch) was a real looker I have to say, and tasty to boot. Here’s hoping the next 39 days are equally yum-filled!

What about you guys? Any other non-Catholics out there giving up something for Lent? (BUELLER?) Regardless, let me know how you’re getting ready to boogie your way into spring/summer. It’s bound to be here soon right? (Fingers crossed.)



P.S. This is about all I’ll be talking about my Lenten veg-fest adventure around there parts, but please feel free to check out my ‘grams or search the hashtag #ohdearcravings for updates.

Photos c/o: me +  Oh Dear Drea's IG + The First Mess.

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