sick day netflix faves

It’s never fun to be sick, but gosh darn it if Netflix streaming doesn’t make it easier, am I right? And, seeing as I spent last Thursday through Sunday couch-bound in pile of coughs and Kleenex, I wound up watching a LOT of TV. Here are a handful of my new-found faves…

McMillan & Wife: Susan Saint James’ wardrobe alone makes this worthwhile to watch.

mmillian1 The Fruit Hunters: Best watched with a big ‘ol bowl of fruit on your lap.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel: What. A. Woman!

Top of the Lake: UGH, this is a serious punch in the gut. So well-done.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti: Because when it’s -10 degrees outside, it’s kind of nice to zone out and take in some pretty tropical waves. (The fact that Kelly Slater stars doesn’t hurt.)

Have you been into anything lately on the ol’ Netflix? Do tell me what you’ve been tuning into!



3 thoughts on “sick day netflix faves

  1. For the love of heaven and earth you MUST watch Miss Fisher’s Murder mysteries. You can thank me later. It is drippy with fabulous.

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