beauty school sunday: hair doughnuts done right

FRANCOISE DORLEACI test out a lot of great beauty products for my freelance gigs, and goodness knows, I’m never going to complain about that. But my busting-at-the-gut, linen-turned-beauty-product closet? That’s definitely worth a gripe or two. I’ve gotten to the point that when it comes to my stash, if it’s going to take up more than a square inch, it better do as Britney says and work.

One item that’s been gathering dust happens to be a hair doughnut I got for $5 10 months ago that’s been used, oh, about zero times. I’ve given it a try a time or two, but every outcome is this this overly polished, 8th-grader-by-day, ballerina-at-night, twee-type of situation. (Like of like this.) Definitely not the Françoise Dorléac vibe, pictured at top, I aspire to. So, I decided to dig up some looks that are more up my alley.

doughnut5Photos c/o: unknown // Washega Valley Farm // unknown

The majority of examples I was drawn to places the doughnut at the back of the head, versus plopped awkwardly on top. They’re a little retro and a little messy, just like I like ’em.


Photos c/o: Ruffled // Amateur Couture // Best Hair // Latest Hairstyles

The tutorial below, from Strawberry Koi, is more polished than what I typically go for, but it’s so elegant, right?

Armed with a few (less prissy) examples, I’m resolving to make that dang doughnut work in the next week, no excuses. If you have any good ideas for me, please do leave a comment! And tell me, are there any items in your beauty stash on the chopping block in 2014? Use it or lose it, is what I say!



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