thrifting trip: saint cloud

Sixty-five miles northwest of Minneapolis is a little place called St. Cloud, aka my boyfriend’s hometown. Sweetheart that he is, every time we visit his family there, he builds in time to accommodate me and my tiny thrifting addiction. (Thanks, honey!) Overall, I’ve found the prices to be comparable to Twin Cities shops, but the selection is much less picked over. In other words, there’s great thrifting just an hour or so up Highway 94!

To make your thrift-trip to the Granite City a breeze, I put together a map featuring my favorite spots—updated to include new stores and expanded locations. They’re spread out loosely along Division Street, so please do click “View Larger Map” to see all of the stores. And if you click on the pinpoints, you’ll find details like hours, websites, phone numbers and more.

If shopping leaves you famished, stop at Bravo Burrito or Val’s Rapid Serv, two of my favorite spots for cheap and delicious eats. I promise you won’t be disappointed by either.

Happy hunting!



8 thoughts on “thrifting trip: saint cloud

  1. I love your along 35 thirfty map. I am going to check them all out next time I visit the in-laws at their lake home.
    Do you have something similar for the drive down to Rochester along 52S? My best friend lives down there so I go visit quite a bit.

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  7. Hello HPT, I have an odd question, I have been working in the thrift world for about 15 years (production and management mostly) and I am now burnt out on the management aspect of things, are there any careers or opportunities that you think I could easily transition into given my background?

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