clickin’ around: vol. 46

tumblr_mxpwsdMpj51s011meo1_500 This inner dialogue re: cookies and feminism hit home. Have any of you ladies had this conversation with yourself?

Speaking of cooking, I’ve been all-aboard the taco train lately. Thanks to this recipe, beef tacos and pickles is my new favorite-favorite.

Holy cow, this woman has balls. An inspiration career-wise, to be sure.

Did you see The New York Times named Goodwill as a top fashion and style trendsetter in 2013? Go Goodwill!

Proof that every country song was the same in 2013. A (sickening) must-watch.

BB cream for your body? Thanks, but no thanks.

Finally, reader Tonky sent me a one-minute documentary he co-directed, titled “Sweater Bender,” centered on one man’s love for thrifted sweaters, filmed in my beautiful home state of Wisconsin. Take a minute and give it a watch!



Photo c/o: Living in a Retro World

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