craft-swap conundrum


You guys, I’m in the midst of a Christmas crisis! My dear friend Rae’s Handmade Holiday Swap is four days away, and in typical “don’t worry about it Meghan, you’ve got plenty of time” fashion, I’ve put off picking what to make! I’ve been noodling on it all week though, combing my craft and cook book collection, earmarking posts on my favorite blogs and even braving the ever-overwhelming Pinterest. Swap rules stipulate that gifts need to be shelf-stable and relatively small, but other than that, anything goes. (Last year, for reference, I swapped this yummy pineapple jam.) I think I’ve narrowed it down (a little), thank heavens, and here are a few of the ideas that are in the running.

Handmade Holiday Swap Ideas

Top : DIY Hand-Painted Spoons via Ziploc’s Inspired Holiday Series featuring ideas from Jojotastic
Middle: Album Cover Journals; Key FobsChristmas-in-a-Jar Simmer Scents; Embroidery Hoop Ornaments; DIY Leather Hair Ties
Bottom: DIY Stationery Sets; Gingerbread ScrubsMexican Hot Chocolate Mixes (packaged with a little bottle of tequila?); DIY Popcorn Seasoning Sets; Coconut Curry Caramel Corn

Are you guys DIY-ing instead (or in addition, more realistically) than buying this year? I’d love to hear what holiday crafts you’re making and giving! I’ll keep you posted regarding what I go with to make and swap…if I ever make a decision, that is.

Wishing you the most wonderful of weekends!



Top photo: source unknown

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