clickin’ around: vol. 44

catherine deneuve, photographed by milton greene♥ This circa-1950, personalities-as-Christmas-trees whiskey-ad is 100%-perfect.

 Believe it or not, karma truly can be a bitch. Case in point? This guy.

 While over-the-top public proposals aren’t necessarily my style, observing them without fail draws a tear or two to my eye. This one was no exception! Awwww.

 As if I wasn’t skeeved out enough by this stupid song. Ick.

 My friend Kara shared her list of 12 female authors everyone’s gotta get familiar with. Good stuff!

 “People who are pathological about white lights are usually the same people who stuff their TV into an armoire and try to pretend they don’t have one.” Yes to everything in this article on the great white vs. multi-color Christmas light debate.

A co-worker told me today about a local bakery that only sells mini Bundts. I think a visit over the weekend needs to happen, seeing as I’m completely Bundt-obsessed.

♥ Last but not least, I stuffed myself silly at Umami, the tastiest temporary restaurant I’ve ever stepped into. They’re closing up shop soon, so if you can get tickets (or stop by for takeout), I’d highly recommend checking it out!



Photo c/o: my mind lives in the '70s

1 thought on “clickin’ around: vol. 44

  1. Severine writing fromr France
    thank you for this lovely blog, I was really entertained by these posts, and oh so shocked by “blurred lines”, so stupid and careless…
    many thanks!!!

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