blondes & brunettes, gettin’ along

Ronnie Spector and Dusty SpringfieldSince I just saw Ronnie Spector sing both Christmas songs and Ronettes hits last night, I figured this morning would be as good a time as any to share this candid snap of her and Dusty Springfield from 1964, taken in what appears to be a hotel room. Three things I love about this photo:
1. Ronnie in her pedal-pushers and flip-flops, drinking a can of (Schlitz?) beer.
2. The ginormous can of hairspray on the dresser.
3. Vinyl’s playing, and a “Hard Day’s Night” record, one of my my all-time favorite Beatles albums, is sitting out.

Wishing you an absolutely fabulous Thursday!



Photo above c/o: Black Sheep Girl

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