heads up: 100-mile garage sale


Today was confusing. It started with an emotional airport goodbye. Followed by a trip to Menards for bathroom lighting that ended with me buying two door mats with daisies on them and a three-pound bag of Red Vines. And then, when I took my lunch break, on this first day of MAY, flakes of SNOW pelted me IN THE FACE.

Like I said, weird.

But I’m not letting it get to me. Because May in Minnesota = the start of rummage-sale season, aka my favorite time of the year (second only to Christmas, of course). Topping my list of May sales to hit is the 100-Mile Garage Sale, a three-day bargain-hunting extravaganza that stretches all the way from Winona to Red Wing. Thousands of individuals, businesses and even entire TOWNS clear out their basements, garages and attics to participate in this event. Not sure where to start? Just head down to beautiful bluff country and look for the flags, balloons and signs along Highway 61 on the Minnesota side (35 on the Wisconsin side) and get to spending. Here’s a map to make it easy—click on any of the markers to see more info (hours, addresses, featured goodies, etc.) on specific sales. You can also search the listings here, in case you’re on the hunt for something(s) in particular. Helpful, huh? I can’t wait to check it out!

Are there any big rummage sales you’re looking forward to this spring? Big or small, I’d love to know which ones are on your must-hit list!



Image c/o: We Heart It

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