clickin’ around, vol. 38

tumblr_mcciipnaMY1rhn6o0o1_500{prettiest ever GIF found here}

Read this, loved it: A two-step plan for getting what you want, via Yes and Yes.

The Hennepin County Library put together a list of actively tweeting writers and it is solid. That said, they’re missing @MsTerryMcMillan, aka one my favorite tweet-ers of all time!

How bomber jacket art emboldened “our boys” during WWII.

Cannot wait to see this: Betty White gives Kim Kardashian makeup advice.

Aunt Peaches posted a guide to her favorite online photo printing places and I think it’s going to be incredibly useful.

Craving hot cocoa? You will after reading Rookie mags’ editors reviews of a million-and-one kinds.

10 life lessons from Buddy the Elf.

Two recipes pinned, made and loved this week: Crock-Pot Chicken Ranch Tacos and Salted Caramel Cajeta Fudge (SO GOOD).

I swooned over Dietland Wolf’s insanely gorgeous food styling after stumbling upon it on The Artful Desperado. So talented.

This circa 1964 photo of Goldie Hawn is just too perfect to keep to myself.

And last but not least, my recipe discovery of the year. Cannot wait to get in the kitchen and give this bread a whirl!



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