and i’m back!

Hey loves, I’m back!

My days away were filled with all sorts of wonderfulness, but one definite highlight was the beautiful afternoon spent on the Padre Island beach with my honey and his extended family. I haven’t been near the ocean (or the Gulf, in this case) for years, and I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it. The sun, the sand, the surf—that’s pretty much my idea of heaven. If you’re interested in what beauty prods I toted along to the beach with me, I shared a few of my budget-friendly essentials on Beauty Bets today. Most of this week will be spent catching up with work and life (read: laundry and chores), but I’m crossing my fingers I have time to steal some minutes for blogging. I have so many amazing finds from Missouri, Iowa and our rummage sale to share, it’s killing me!

Be back soon.



1 thought on “and i’m back!

  1. Love that you took the jenny lawson’s book. It’s so funny!!!
    And this is just an FYI, spray sun protection is not deemed as effective as actual lotions type sunscreen. There are two main problems, it doesn’t spray evenly and it doesn’t spray enough. If you notice it is not called sunscreen because the FDA will not allow them to be labelled as such until testing of this type of products. I am very big on sunscreen (partly due to my past work which involved UV and DNA damage measurement). So sticking to a lotion while less convenient is better.

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