clickin’ around, vol. 34

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♥ I can’t stop myself from re-pinning goodies from Quincy West lately. Take the image above of Priscilla Presley for instance..what a fox.

♥ Amen to all of this, right?

♥ Many thanks to Maegen for connecting me to La Perla lingerie’s stunning spring/summer campaign. From the beehive hairdos to the impeccable makeup, it’s all so, so pretty.

 Are y’all following Industry of One yet? They sure do find some inspiring people to profile, and the photos accompanying each Q & A are stunning enough to stand alone.

 I don’t know about you, but I found this video featuring Betty Glasgow, hairdresser for the movie “A Hard Day’s Night,” totally interesting.

♥ Gosh darnit if I don’t want a new pair of jeans after reading Adore Vintage’s love letter to Levi’s post. (Bird Trouble’s bell bottoms also got me to lustin’ this week.)

 If I had a limitless checking account, I would snap up every single one of these Fela-inspired purses. For real.

♥ Really digging the looks of this iPhone app that lets users feel what the weather’s like by using warm and cool colors, instead of hour-by-hour projections.

I really enjoyed this slideshow of retro hairstyles and their accompanying how-tos. Very useful stuff.

 Speaking of hair, how pretty is this half-up, half-down, half rolled style that Alli from The Vintage Valley rocked. I’m lovin’ it.

And lastly, in food news, here are three recipes I’ve tried and loved this week: Mexican black bean burgers, strawberries ‘n’ cream pie pops and spaghetti in garlic gravy with cherry tomatoes, chicken & herbs. I’ve really been enjoying cooking at home since I got back from my trip!

I hope your week’s are shaping up all right so far. It’s another busy one for me, with Mighty Swell’s rummage/bake sale around the corner, but I’m hanging in. Some weeks that’s all you can do!



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