life lately

This week’s been a busy one. Working all day, busting butt each and every night. I’ve been occupied mostly with readying my humble little home for the arrival of a very important guest…my boyfriend’s beautiful daughter Ian, who flew in from California late last night. She’s visited a few times before, but this time it’s different. Because this time, she’s here in Minneapolis for good.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love living on my own. But to be able to welcome her to this city, this next chapter, and provide her with a comfortable place to stay while she gets her bearings? That makes my heart nearly burst with happy. And that kind of joy makes the small sacrifices required when sharing one’s home so. totally. worth. it. Anyway, speaking of hearts bursting, we’re off to visit her grandma, aunties, uncle and cousins in St. Cloud. It couldn’t be a more beautiful, sunshine-y afternoon for a reunion…

I hope you have the most lovely of weekends, dears!



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