heads up: memorial day thrift store sales

Hey friends! Are you enjoying the long weekend so far? I surely hope so! If the mood strikes you to go thrifting tomorrow, you should definitely go, because there are a ton of sales going on. Here’s a quick rundown…

Arc’s Value Villlage Thrift Store: Save 50% on all items, except for those with orange and white tags.
Salvation Army Family Stores
: Take half off on all clothing!
: Enjoy 50% savings on all clothing, shoes, books and furniture.
: Take half off on clothing, shoes, accessories and bed & bath items.
Unique and Valu Thrift Stores
: Save 50% on all merchandise.
Second Debut: Stock up on apparel, accessories and shoes—they’ll all be 25% off.

*Click here to read my top tips (as well as advice from a few of my savvy thrifting buddies) on how to survive super sale days.

As for me, I hope to hit some Sal Vals on the way home from Kansas City. Fingers crossed they’re not too picked over by the time we get to ’em!



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