everything must go

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I watched the movie “Everything Must Go” today while I did a mega-purge of my thrifting room/office. It seemed fitting to watch a movie about a man who decides to sell off his life’s worth of possessions while I riffled and sorted through what seemed like an insurmountable amount of paperwork, receipts, clothes and STUFF.

The movie, based on a short story by Raymond Carver, stars Will Ferrell, so unsurprisingly, there are more than a few laugh-out-loud moments. But what I appreciated the most were the oh-so-accurate depictions of the crazies that rummage sales attract. You know, those people who hem and haw and haggle over the dinkiest 50-cent thing? If you’re a frequent rummage-r like me, you know exactly the kind of people I’m talking about. The flick also did an excellent job illustrating the liberation that can come from letting go of material possessions and extraneous clutter. I know I sure feel a lot lighter looking around my office now (three trips to the garbage can later) as opposed to this morning. And, the fact that the movie closes with one my favorite The Band songs was the icing on the cake. Anyway, I would definitely recommend watching it! You can see the trailer here; the movie’s also streaming now on Netflix.

Speaking of rummage sales, did any of y’all get out and hit the big neighborhood sales this weekend? I didn’t plan on going to any, but when I spotted a pretty floral upholstered chair in someone’s driveway while I was on my way home from Mighty Swell’s man sale, I had to pull a u-ey. I parked, walked to the sale, plopped down in the chair, felt satisfied, paid for it and hauled it back to my car in all of five minutes! Anyway, if you did get out there, what was your favorite find?



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