clickin around, vol. 33


This plinko game creates poetry out of tweets from Fox News and the New York Times. Cool!

Loving both of these summery cut-off makeovers. Since I live in dresses and cut-offs all summer long, jazzing up my shorts is probably a good idea.

The vintage bathing beauty pics Cali Vintage dug up are so sweet.

A toaster bag that turns out perfectly grilled cheese sammies? I need it!

How did I not know about Retro Lush? Long may you live, Potion Lotion!

I’ve been on a major chicken kick lately. Last week this super easy crispy cheddar chicken was a hit with my sweetie. This week, I’m living off to Iowa Girl Eatsmayo-less chicken salad. Bird’s the word this month, I guess!

Anyone who’s suffered from a broken heart due to a vintage dress with a tiny waist will laugh at this.

How completely charming are these pre-fab backyard office spaces?



2 thoughts on “clickin around, vol. 33

  1. thumbs up at the mayo free chicken salad. i like to buy a rotisery chicken for my family for dinner the first night & make chicken salad sandwichs for lunch or dinner the next! free meal!

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