giveaway: win a pair of girls got rhythm fest passes

I have two passes to the Girls Got Rhythm Fest—worth $130—and I want to give ’em away to one of you. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what act(s) on the lineup you’d love to see, along with your email address. As you can probably guess, I’m most excited to see Ronnie Spector, but I’m also pretty stoked to take in sets by the big-haired beauties L’Assassins, no-bullshit rockers Midnite Snaxxx, the reckless and wild and brilliantly named Hot Rash and…who am I kidding, I can’t wait to see ’em all!

This giveaway will close at the end-of-day Wednesday, May 9th. To be eligible to win, you must be 21+ (youngsters there’s an all-ages show just for you on Sunday and tickets are just $10!) and willing and able to pick up the passes from me on Thursday, May 10th.

Best of luck y’all!



37 thoughts on “giveaway: win a pair of girls got rhythm fest passes

  1. I really want to see the’s. I haven’t seen them since they played the Entry a few years back. And I know a few people who would be jealous if they knew I got to see Ronnie Spector :)

  2. I am really excited about the’s. I haven’t seen them since they were in the Entry a few years back. And I know a few people that would be jealous if they knew I had seen Ronnie Spector :)

  3. super pumped to see the 5,6,7,8’s, the Muffs and of course Ms. Ronnie Spector. really dug that EP she did years back with Joey Ramone where she did “Don’t Leave Me Baby” on it. killer!!

  4. All of them? But I would LOVE to see the Muffs and the 5,6,7,8s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t swing the cost of this!

  5. My friend & I are going to celebrate the life of Anne Conley (the Mom of one of the musicians performing) who recently passed but will be there rockin’ & rollin” in spirit. A couple of extra tickets and we could bring the men folk. Thanks!

  6. I’d love to see Ronnie Spector, Nikki Corvette, the 5-6-7-8’s, The Muffs!! The whole thing sounds so fun! I was in an all girls garage band way back in school and it was so much fun : )

  7. I cannot wait to see our own local lovelies, L’Assassins play on the same stage as the 5-6-7-8’s and Ronnie Spector. Ronnie is, of course, a music icon and a huge influence for L’Assassins (and numerous other artists); getting to play with such a legend and someone whose influence permeates their music, you know L’Assassins are just going to bring an incredible energy to this set! To get to witness Ronnie Spector performing live is an opportunity I never expected to have, and to see her impact come full circle through our own L’Assassins playing on the same stage is seeing someone’s dream realized firsthand! And it makes me damn proud to be a woman and see talented women creating and performing great tunes :)

  8. Last holiday season I saw Ronnie Spector at the Dakota. As much as I enjoyed the “Christmas Gift” songs from her Ronettes era, the one that really got me was “(You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a) Memory” — the Johnny Thunders track that she dedicated to Joey Ramone, who produced it for a record they did together. She captures that song’s ache better than anyone. Her rendition of that song alone is worth the price of admission, but when you add in the 5-6-7-8’s snarling like hellcats, and delinquents like L’Assassins making trouble, well . . . my calendar is marked.

  9. What an awesome event! Would love to catch the 5,6,7,8’s, and of course Ronnie Spector! And so many great local bands… especially L’Assassins!! The ticket price is a little steep, so free tickets would be a-ok with me :) … Fingers crossed!

  10. The whole lineup makes me swoon, and if I am lucky enough to score two tickets, I think I might have to take my Mom, who turns 70 on Mother’s Day. A little Ronnie Spector would certainly get the party started!

  11. Ronnie Spector, naturally…and the Muffs! And, well, all the others too! Such a great line-up. To win these tomorrow would be a pretty sweet birthday treat:)

  12. As a 90’s kid my life will be complete when I see the Muffs! I wanna win some tickets so I can bring a friend too, that would be swell. karissah.peterson (at) is my email

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  14. To see l’Assassins open for Ronnie Spector would be an absolutely amazing afternoon/evening. Since the first time we saw Tea, Monet, Ariel and Angela at their first live gig (under the “l’Assassins” name) we have made time in our schedules to see every gig possible in Minneapolis, including festivals, Lee’s, Hexagon, Nick and Eddie, block parties, etc. To see them open for The Legendary Ronnie Spector – and cheer them on in the next step of their career – would be – ultimately – the best show of the summer. “Toppermost of the Poppermost”, Lovely Ladies!!!

  15. I would LOVE those tix!! Ronnie Spector, 5678’s, L’Assassins, The Muffs, Nikki and the Corvettes….pretty much ths whole lineup!! All awesome bands, none of which I have seen.

  16. I want to win them so my wife can take our 7-month-old to see a living legend in female rock (Ronnie Spector) and to see the Muffs when he’s still too young to ask what their name means.

  17. I was sooo pumped when I heard this was happening! The Muffs, 5678’s, Hot Rash, topped off with Ronnie Spector! I felt like this was created with me in mind. I unfortunately never had the chance to see some of my fav girl groups (L7, Babes In Toyland, ect.) before they stopped touring. I don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity! But then I saw the price… a little to rich for my punk-ass! I would love to rock out with all these fine ladies!!! (alt_rockergirl at

  18. Ronnie Spector is a living legend and I would love to see her. Unfortunately, i’ve been unable to work for the part few years because of a crippling back/leg injury which prevents me from being able to stand for long periods of time. I have no money and would love to go sit down and see all these bands play. (

  19. It’s so hard to pick, but being that my name is Ronnie, and I have a soft spot for girl groups, I’ve gotta say that Ronnie Spector is a majaaah draw. She’s a legend, and I’m curious to see what could happen when you put 2 Ronnie’s in a room together–will the universe collapse in on itself?? The 5-6-7-8’s are the bitchin’est. Ladies in rock is the only way to go!!

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