spring into summer giveaway

I recently thrifted the most perfect striped sisal tote.

And since it’s been 10,000 years since I’ve done a giveaway, I decided to stuff it with beachy treats and give it to one of you.

What’s inside? Just some things to make your summer a little more skippy. Including…

Heart-shaped wood veneer sunnies from Tumbleweeds Oddities (a $75 value!!)
 Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
L’Oreal’s Sublime Sun Liquid Silk Sunshield-SPF 50+
Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect After Sun Moisturizer
Summer Fruits lip balm by eos
“This is Not Chick Lit,” edited by Elizabeth Merrick


Want to win all this goodness? Just leave a comment below, telling me one thing you’re excited about doing this summer. That’s it! (Tweet about the giveaway and I’ll give you an extra shot at winning.) I’ll announce the lucky winner Friday…good luck!



46 thoughts on “spring into summer giveaway

  1. I’m excited to be a junior roller derby coach for girls 8-13!! Thanks for the chance to win :) Samantha mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I’m excited to take my kids to the beach or pool and just relax. Also excited to make a trip to central MN to hopefully do some thrifiting!!

  3. I’m excited to have my son home from college. I can’t wait to hear his laughter coming from the other room, while I soak it in.

  4. After spending the past several days with my mom in the neuroscience icu post-stroke, I am so looking forward to getting her healed and home…and hopefully spending some time with Mom&Dad at the lake this summer!

  5. No contest, I am SO excited to go to the beach this summer. Last summer, I was in an intense post-breakup funk and didn’t do much of what I wanted to do. This year will be better!

  6. I’m super duper excited about summer road trips!! There is nothing like new landscapes, good friends, good tunes, a rolled down window and the wind in your hair!

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  8. I am looking forward to going to the farmers market for fresh berries! Also my hubs and I kayak on our nearby lake in the summer.

  9. Yard sales! I live for the days when I can pilfer through other people’s junk. One woman’s trash is my go to outfit of the season. ;)

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway!

  10. This is going to be the summer of finallys – I finally signed up for a CSA and I am finally going to go see the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum! No big trips this summer, but Walnut Grove is the place to be this summer!

  11. I am most excited for moving across the country and scouting out new thrifting locations. Also, setting up a new house is pretty high up on my list of coming excitements. ALSO—– super stoked to thrift across America, specifically Harley t-shirts in South Dakota. Cross your fingers for me.

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