last girl to the pinterest party


I must confess…I really lagged when it came to hopping on the Pinterest bandwagon. I thought it was a giant time suck for the wedding obsessed, it’s true! But the last of my resistance finally wore off a few months ago when I realized how flippin’ useful the site can be. So far, the boards I refer to the most are…

beauty, hair & makeup (True story: Two weeks after joining Pinterest I was at a party, with my hair styled like this and a girl asked me if I was a hairstylist, to which I replied, “No! I just joined Pinterest!” This amazingly deep conversation ended quickly, but my night was still made!)
food & drink (True story: “Pinterest pounds” are real!)
kitchen redo (True story: I’m saving up to remodel my kitchen next summer. My theme? Pink, obviously!)
crafts, projects & plans (True story: I haven’t done a single project on this board. Ha!)

Anyway, if you’re on Pinterest, let’s be friends! I plan on starting a board this weekend exclusively devoted to nachos, and that’s reason enough right there!



2 thoughts on “last girl to the pinterest party

  1. Another blogger I read wrote almost this exact post this week. She, too, called it a “time suck.” And it is! I’ve been abstaining lately. But welcome to the party!

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