recently thrifted, forest lake goodwill edition

I paid a visit to the new Forest Lake Goodwill Saturday morning and came home with a tidy haul.

I found a half-dozen dresses, including these two ’70s sundresses. Ugh…between the strawberry print on one and the pastel eyelet trim on the other, they are just too much.

I was also stoked to snag a handful of books, including Real Simple’s Celebrations guide, Bobbi Brown’s award-winning book on teenage beauty, a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook and a fun read from Reader’s Digest that’s full of DIY bath and beauty recipes.

Other finds, not pictured, include a lacy ice-blue nightie, a couple pairs of shoes, a set of vintage napkins, an embroidered runner and some skirts. The surprise bonus was the sweet promotion Goodwill stores ran last weekend—I saved 20% off everything, since I spent $50+! But don’t worry, there’s another sale coming up on March 23rd and 24th.

Have you checked out any of the new Goodwill stores in town yet? In addition to Forest Lake, there are new stores in Champlin and Lakeville too. Fill me in on your finds!



1 thought on “recently thrifted, forest lake goodwill edition

  1. I work at the Forest Lake Goodwill. I saw that strawberry dress and was hoping someone would give it a good home. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the store!

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