recently thrifted, up north edition

Hey lovelies, just popping in quickly to share some iPhone snaps of a few up north thrift-store finds.

Top row: Dear Bess, letters from Harry Truman to his wife, Bess // nameplate necklace for Tammy Cracker’s godmother
Middle row: cutest ever fabric remnant // avocado green aluminum fondue set
Bottom row: souvenir program from a 1968 Roger Miller & Andy Williams concert // circle-framed floral etching

Sorry they’re just camera pics…I got home not too long ago and have been stuck at the computer catching up on work emails like crazy. Being away is wonderful and all, but coming home to 150+ emails is not! I have a feeling this week is going to be insanely busy. I’m stepping away from my desk now though to get ready for dinner. We’re capping off our weekend away with Thai food and a country show!



P.S. Photos were taken with my favorite Hipstamatic app.

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