recently thrifted

I’ve been laundering sacks upon sacks of spring nighties, slips and caftcans in preparation for this Friday’s lingerie sale at Mighty Swell.

The pink dressing gown in the middle of the first photo is by far my favorite find of the past week. I have the exact same gown in teal and wear it all the time, as evidenced below.

It’s the most comfortable thing ever.

I’ve also been stocking up on girly artwork and boudoir-type necessities for Friday’s event, including these sweet little floral prints. I’m a sucker for circular frames.

Some other choice finds of the week, not pictured: a white leather fold-over clutch, a men’s short-sleeved button-down that’s covered in tiny red anchors, a sweet set of rocks glasses and a couple nice summer dresses.

Have you been out thrifting lately? Did you find anything brag-worthy?



2 thoughts on “recently thrifted

  1. now I am a little sad I won’t be able to make on friday night. The green flowery nighty looks so pretty.
    Is the sale going on on saturday too?

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