cozy night in & collage inspiration

I skipped grocery shopping after work the other day to stay in, cozy up and make more paper packs. Sprawled out on the floor, surrounded by such unique, old materials motivated me to look through my Flickr favs for collage inspiration. I can’t wait until January to have more time to work on projects of my own! As you probably surmised, vintage paper and ephemera will always trump newly purchased materials for me. When it comes to collage-ing, it’s also no surprise that my favorite artists incorporate old images, illustrations and scraps into their works. Enjoy the eye candy!

{both c/o mishuevospeludos}

{c/o tinylights}

{c/o goofbutton}

{c/o Bill Zindel}

{c/o woefoep}

{c/o franz falckenhaus}

Ugh, I could go on and on and on.  Peruse for your own favorites in The Vintage Paper Collage, Collage Crazy, Cut ‘N’ Paste & Notpaper groups.



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