product plug: woolite’s dry cleaner’s secret

I’m terrible at a lot of things. Getting my dry cleaning out of my house and to the cleaners being one of them. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to a fabulous Woolite product, “Dry Cleaner’s Secret.” Unlike Dryel, which I’ve had so-so luck with and requires you to use an annoying bag, Dry Cleaner’s Secret is basically a wet dryer sheet with stink-busting super powers. Toss one into the the dryer along with one to five dry-clean only garments, and 20 minutes later you’re set to go. Funky thrift-store smells = totally gone! Clothes with stains and specialty items like leathers, velvets, suedes and furs will still need to go to the cleaners, but for things that just need a simple quick freshening, this is my new jam. Deal-seekers can get a free sample of the stuff by filling out this form (and attaching a recent dry-cleaning receipt), printing out a coupon for it here or you could be like me, and mooch a couple packets off your mom. (Thanks Mom!) In Minnesota,  it’s available at Wal-Mart, Cub Foods, Menards and K Mart…you can find locations in your area here.



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