heads up: second debut’s fur sale


Just as winter’s icy chill starts to set, Goodwill offshoot Second Début is busting out their impressive collection of fur for a special sales event. According to general manager Kathy Cahlander, the 50+ pieces range in era from the ’50s to the ’90s, and every single one has been inspected and vetted by an expert from Rebnick’s Furs. “The quality control is excellent,” Cahlander promises. “Every piece is pretty fabulous.” Highlighted items include vintage shearling jackets, full-length furs, mink wraps, mink-trimmed swing coats, fur headbands and fox-fur cropped jackets. Prices range from $20 all the way on up to $400. Cahlander advises that shoppers get to the store early, as folks “come from all over” to shop this sale. You can find store hours and location info here.

Happy shopping!



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