recently thrifted, cat lady edition

Owning a kitty cat has opened up a whole new world of things to thrift for. First I got a cute glitter-kitty piece of artwork. Then the “I ♥ Cats” knick-knack. I swear, before you know it, my daily uniform will be leggings and kitty sweatshirts. It’s a slippery slope people, I’m not joking. As evidence,  here are a couple recent buys I’m posting for no other reason than to record the beginning of my fall into complete cat-lady craziness.

1. Boxed set of cat stationery (brand name: Fancy Feast!), 29 cents at Bibles for Missions, aka the cheapest thrift in town!

2. I only found one of these creatively named “cat dishes,” at the Salvation Army but one of the employees saw me carrying it around and ushered me to the aisle where the matching dish was. I love how the kitty’s tag on the inside reads “My Kitty.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag (couldn’t. resist.) about my embarrassing thrifting obsession, why don’t you tell me about yours? I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me.



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