mighty swell + design*sponge = photo booth magic

Just about a month ago, Rae and I had the opportunity to create the photo backdrop for Design*Sponge’s book party at the Anthropologie store in Edina. The 8 x 8 backdrop needed to be portable, yet sturdy, pretty from a distance yet photogenic up close. After a week of brainstorming, we settled on the idea of a trinket wall. We thrifted the trinkets (or doo-dads, as I like to call them) from Unique Thrift stores.  From dolls to magnets, beads to toys, coasters to tiny plates, game pieces to buttons, nothing was safe from our glue guns.

The backdrop was made from plywood and scrap wood I had stashed in my garage from my bathroom remodel. We washed it with a light mint green stain (Minwax Water Based Wood Stain in Antique Jade, to be exact) which allowed the pretty grain of the wood to come through.  After Rae traced the diamonds on the dry plywood, we hauled it piece by piece into my living room, where we proceeded to sit and glue trinkets and watch Parks & Recreation. Approximately 100 years later…we were done!

The day of the signing, at literally the crack of dawn, we hauled it over to Anthro and did a few last minute touch ups. It was such a relief when the set-up was done. And I have to say, I think it turned out pretty awesome.

You can see for yourself in this gallery of photobooth photos from the signing.

Many thanks to Grace and Amy from Design*Sponge (pictured above) for giving us the opportunity. Although I might be fine with never seeing a glue gun again as long as I live, it sure was fun to put this together.



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