clickin’ around, vol. 25

I have one bare wall in my home I’m determined to fill this fall. This sick giant cross stitch created by crafter extraordinaire Jessica Decker would be just the thing.

Ahhh, this duck hunter sweater Bianca thrifted is THE COOLEST. I loved that game when I was young.

Some fellow cat ladies at Mighty Swell introduced me to The Cat Scan tumblr this weekend. Thank you!

Tonight’s dinner followed one of my favorite eating philosophies, light dinner =heavy dessert. Butternut squash pumpkin seed rice paper rolls for din din &  this apple cider bread pudding for dessert.

Myths vs. realities in blogging. Lotsa truth in this here post!

If you visited Mighty Swell last Saturday and went home with a goody bag of homemade caramel corn, you’re lucky b/c that sh*t was tasty. If you want to know how to make it at home, here’s the recipe we used.

Like “The Royal Tennenbaums?” Then you need to see this video. I had no clue the location, i.e. home, featured in the movie shaped the entire script. Cray cray.



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