clickin’ around, vol. 24

I love the simple bouquets shared on Found While Walking. So unfussy and fresh.

It’s discouraging as a vintage reseller when people don’t realize the labor that goes into getting some garments ready to sell. This journey of a dress post illustrates how time-intensive the process sometimes can be.

These caffeine patches are the most genius idea on the face of the planet. Want.

I’m jealous of Micaela’s recent thrift-store score.

How cool is this stupid simple hair comb makeover DIY? I’ll definitely have to try it soon.

While I’ve sworn off bourbon for life (or at least the rest of October), I do want to try this recipe ASAP.

It figures that as soon as I step away from tumblr, up pops a new Dolly Parton blog. Of course I love every post!

Bookmark these tips for finding one’s passion for a listless, lazy day. So many good ideas!

And lastly, two words: SEQUIN GRAFFITI.



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