cure for the DIY doldrums

{Image above c/o Cathy of California.}

Does anyone else get discouraged when looking for new DIY projects online? I consider myself a pretty good at the Google and even still my searches are fruitless, turning up posts by glue-gun crazed moms and little else. Even my consultations with the few vintage craft books I own has left me wanting for more. It seemed like fortuitous timing then, to discover Cathy of California via Lena Corwin’s awesome blog. Simply reading through Cathy’s posts makes the ice that is my creative brain start to thaw. Her artist profiles are fascinating and incomparable to anything else I’ve read. Obviously, I had no qualms at all about ordering her book, Vintage Craft Workshopwhich includes designer how-tos for 24 vintage projects and is supplemented by artist profiles and craft history. I hope the UPS man hurries…



P.S. What are your favorite DIY blogs? I need to know.

P.P.S. I put together a back-to-school beauty supply list over on Beauty Bets today. Every product costs less than $7!

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