clickin’ around, vol. 23


Christina has been posting nothing but vintage photos of her gorgeous grandma over on her tumblr this week and they are all so happy-making. The one above I found to be particularly adorable.

Speaking of family photos, I’ve also been completely captivated by Backyard Bill’s series of family portraits. His work is always so, so great.

Have you ever wondered how the heck to wear a petticoat? I sure have! Let’s let Solanah, from Vintage Vixen, tell us everything we need to know.

100 thank yous go to Rebecca from Minn Chic for giving the heads up that the OPI collection inspired by The Muppets (!!!) is coming soon. You can view the slide show of colors here; I pretty much want them all.

Have you been weeping into your empty wine glass because sangria season is over? Yeah, me too. Let’s all dry our eyes and make this autumn-y version, c/o Fresh Tart Steph, OK? OK.

How cool is this contraption? It turns a basic jar into a beautiful, lace-y vase.

Speaking of design done well, I’m in so much love with these daily metaltations, found via Miss Moss. The first one is my favorite, followed by the light bill one.

This post, full of fresh ideas for wearing florals into the fall, couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Thanks Lavelle!

I’ll be back soon with a fun how-to…til then, take care.



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