heads up: choose to reuse coupon book

Junk mail doesn’t usually make me squeal with delight, but last week, I got a direct mail piece I am pumped about—Hennepin County’s annual “Choose to Reuse” coupon book. This baby is packed with really, really, really good coupons for all my favorite thrifts, including Salvation Army, Hidden Treasures, East Side Community Thrift, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, the PROP Shop and many more. But that’s not all! (Goodness, I sound like an informercial!) The booklet also has discount offers at some of the best vintage shops in town, including Corner Store Vintage, B Squad Vintage, Rewind and record shops, like the Electric Fetus and Hymie’s. (A list of all the 80+ participating retailers can be found here.)

If you didn’t spot one in your mailbox last week (or if you’re like me and have already used up all thrift-store coupons!), download the entire thing here or pick up a copy at Hennepin County Service Centers, Hennepin County libraries and all Three Rivers Park District locations. And get on it soon—coupons are only good through the end of November.

Cheers to saving, y’all!



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