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Hi dears,

Yesterday I waited out a downpour to head out thrifting over my lunch hour. The rain was still coming down when I left my office. Futilely attempting to  dodge puddles in my flip flops on the way to my car, I stepped directly on what I thought was a rock…which actually turned out to be a little nail. (Nice!) Instead of turning back for the office to promptly look up “tetanus symptoms” on Web MD like most sane people probably would, I chanced it and continued on my way to Hidden Treasures Thrift Store. And boy am I glad I did. I scored majorly on clothes and found a lot of other pretties for my house. Here are a few of them.

An embroidered runner for my bedside table.

An illuminated beauty mirror from GE. An extinct, but oh-so-helpful beauty tool I plan on…spoiler alert!…giving as a gift.

A fancy frame that appeals to my equal love for hearts & flowers.

This adorable album for recording your loved ones’ birthdays and anniversaries AND storing the appropriate stationery. Fun!

I’m so smitten with the font used throughout the book. Even though I never plan on getting a tattoo, I have a slew of fonts picked out that would make for great ones, now including this one.

A cute owl for my bookshelf…or a Mighty Swell grab bag.

And last but not least, a dozen mint julep cups. As if I needed another reason to count down until Derby Day.

Not pictured: Some killer, killer blazers, a stunning ’50s red party dress I’d wear to every holiday party on my calendar until the end of time if it was my size, a set of butterfly mugs, some Pyrex, some sweet vintage stationery and a few other odds and ends. All in all, a pretty productive lunch hour.

Have you hit the thrifts lately? Did ya find anything awesome?



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