mid-centry dollhouse photo shoot

Good morning, y’all!

Approximately 6,000 years ago, super stylist Hollie Mae stopped by to borrow some vintage loveliness from my stash for a test shoot she was doing with Michael Haug. The concept pitched was “mid-century dollhouse,” and I honestly didn’t know they were going to pull it off. Unsurprisingly, the resulting shots are gorgeous! Isn’t this pic, featuring some pieces HM borrowed from me, just lovely? I love  how the coffee mug on the right gives it a miniature scale.

Here are some other fun takes…I can’t get over how beautifully doll-like Tearra, the model, looks! And how nice the lighting was executed.


Photography, Michael Haug
Fashion Styling & Creative Direction, Hollie Mae Schultz
Hair & Makeup, Carol Stopera
Styling Assistant, AJ Lund
Model, Tearra

I’m off to thrift some more supplies for the Design*Sponge photobooth project. I’ll post some peek and process updates on it real soon, I promise!

Have wonderful Saturdays, dears.



2 thoughts on “mid-centry dollhouse photo shoot

  1. holy cow, that model is GORGEOUS! and she is killing those spandex pants in the last photo :)

    are you going to the DS party on monday? me and dave will both be there!

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