recently thrifted, dressing room edition

Hey lovelies!

I’ve been on a sprucing up kick around my house and I started with my dressing room. Here are a few things I’ve thrifted that have been put to work in this space. I got this solid wood shoe rack at the Salvation Army in Blaine for $2.50 on a half-off day. Originally intended to be  a plant stand, it works perfectly in this space, storing my heels.

This minty Formica table turned vanity has seen better days, but for $10 (plus four chairs) I couldn’t pass it up. The mirrored perfume tray is from the ’50s and was found at an estate sale in Superior for $3. The GE Make-Up Mirror I’ve had for too many years to recall where it’s from or how much I paid for it.

Any Wisconsin girl in her right mind would never pass this baby up…a moo-cow mounted necklace holder, from a Twin Cities estate sale ($1).

I bought house plants a few weeks ago, including these little succulents, and I’m doing my darndest to keep them alive. This Cracker Barrel jar, now a terrarium, was purchased at Salvation Army for $2.99.

How are you putting your thrifted finds to use around your home?



5 thoughts on “recently thrifted, dressing room edition

  1. love the cow! awesome. i’ve been looking for vintage-y or milk glass containers to make a terrarium, too! haven’t found anything that floats my boat, yet…but i’ll be sure to share. :)

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