heads up: there’s a new savers in town

Exciting news friends!

There’s a brand new Savers store opening in Woodbury next week! And as someone who’s made some pretty big scores at Savers over the years, this news clearly makes my heart pit pat just a little bit faster. Another thing that’s got me jazzed about this store opening in particular? Savers has asked me to style up a little fashion show at their preview shopping party! (Such an honor, right? Especially considering I don’t and never will consider myself a stylist!) I’ve enlisted the help of my no. 1 business partner in crime and together, we’ll be dressing a dozen or so of their employees and a handful of kids that benefit from the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (this particular Savers nonprofit partner) in some fun, affordable looks for fall. And boy, are we excited.

 I’m also delighted to be able to extend the invitation to the preview event out to all of you, dear hearts! The fun is happening on Tuesday, September 6th, from 6-8 p.m., at the metro area’s newest Savers, located at 8401 Tamarack Road in Woodbury. I would love to see all your beautiful faces there! You have to admit the opportunity to shop a thrift two days before it opens to the public is pretty cool. Plus, if you bring a gently used clothing item, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card they’re giving away that night. (Sidenote: If the sound of winning a Savers gift card sounds good to you, I advise to keep an eye on Mighty Swell’s Facebook page over the next day or two…they might have given me some extra somethin’ somethins’ to pass along to one of our lucky followers. I’m just sayin’!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a round up of Labor Day weekend sales—there are so many good deals to be had it’s nuts!
I hope you all have wonderful evenings…



5 thoughts on “heads up: there’s a new savers in town

  1. Good news. This should be as good as Uni Q in New Hope with the better merch of WBL and BRNSVL. If I hear “Catch A Wave” while I’m in there, all the better. Wonder what kind of oldies they WILL play…Savers Lake St. is almost xclusively solidgoldsoul

  2. YAY! Another thrift store within 5 minutes from me! Can’t wait! I will try to make it there tonight… if my swollen pregnant feet will get me there (they may be busy resting on a pillow…)

  3. My elderly mother and I went to the Saver’s in Apple Valley on Monday. We got there before 9 AM and still the place was a madhouse. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds, but my mom was shoulder-deep in the fray, digging for clothing treasures. She came away with a whole new wardrobe of tops to wear for winter and next summer.

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