clickin’ around, vol. 19


Many thanks to Starr for bringing these Venetia Scott shots, one of which is pictured above, to my attention.

This week’s sweet manicure inspiration is c/o Spill the Vintage. Such a pretty look.

My diet this summer is woefully lacking in the s’mores department. This post gave me lots of ideas on how to remedy this sad situation.

Ever wonder what’s inspiring to Emerson Fry (of EmersonMade fame)? Now you know.

How ’bout this genius idea for funding a cross-country road trip? I’m adding that to my “why didn’t I think of that first?” file.

My belief that California girls are cooler was reinforced by Erin’s pics from Outside Lands. Check out her shots from day one and days two and three. Such. Pretty. Girls.

Currently top this weekend’s must-make list? White sangria popsicles.

I’m off to pack for a quick work overnight. Fingers crossed I have time to hit some thrifts on the way to and fro my meetings…



1 thought on “clickin’ around, vol. 19

  1. My smores tips:
    soak the marshmallows in cherry liqueur before roasting
    use Giaradelli squares for the chocolate- caramel rocks!

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