the beauty thrifter is in…

{photo from For the Love of Dolly Parton}

If you know me at all, you’re already well aware with my undying love for the beautiful Dolly Parton. Today over on Beauty Bets, I’m sharing one of my favorite summer makeup looks, inspired by her. It’s soft and flirty, and of course, totally achievable with drugstore products. Please do check it out!



thrifting trip: minneapolis to cambridge

{A gawk-worthy sunflower farm blooms outside Isanti.}

Hello dears!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Saturday morning thrifting trips, from Minneapolis to Cambridge. This route rocks because it’s peppered with thrifts you can visit on the way, and once you’re to Cambridge, there are three stores within a couple of blocks. The drive’s do-it-in-your-sleep easy–just cruise up Central Avenue (also known as county road 65) and you’re there! I recommend going on Saturday mornings before traffic builds up (there are a ton of lights on 65). And, some of the thrifts in Cambridge close up shop in the mid-afternoon on the weekends. New to this map, I included a few of my favorite spots to stop for snacks, ranging from the co-op in Cambridge (if I’m hankering for kombucha) to the Main Street bar/grill that makes delicious Bloody Marys and super cheap burgers.

Happy hunting!

If you like this post, might you find my thrifting maps for St. Cloud, Burnsville and up 35W useful too?



clickin’ around, vol. 19


Many thanks to Starr for bringing these Venetia Scott shots, one of which is pictured above, to my attention.

This week’s sweet manicure inspiration is c/o Spill the Vintage. Such a pretty look.

My diet this summer is woefully lacking in the s’mores department. This post gave me lots of ideas on how to remedy this sad situation.

Ever wonder what’s inspiring to Emerson Fry (of EmersonMade fame)? Now you know.

How ’bout this genius idea for funding a cross-country road trip? I’m adding that to my “why didn’t I think of that first?” file.

My belief that California girls are cooler was reinforced by Erin’s pics from Outside Lands. Check out her shots from day one and days two and three. Such. Pretty. Girls.

Currently top this weekend’s must-make list? White sangria popsicles.

I’m off to pack for a quick work overnight. Fingers crossed I have time to hit some thrifts on the way to and fro my meetings…



recently thrifted, glowing globe lamp

{vintage globe lamp, $2.50, Salvation Army Thrift Store, Blaine}

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve been watching Mad Men again from the start, thanks to the holy union of Netflix and my Wii. Watching it the second time around is a luxury…I’ve can zone out on the plot and focus on the details of the interiors and fashions. Like Don’s globes.

Exhibit A.

{Image from the Mid-Century Modernist}

I haven’t personally jumped on the globes-as-decor bandwagon, mostly because I need a new collection as much as I need a hole in the head. That said, this lamp was too cute to pass up! It works like a charm, is small enough to fit in a variety of spots around my house and it cost less than a fancy cup of cold press.

Did you get out thrifting this weekend? Find anything awesome?



three quick & easy diys

Happy hump day!

Here’s a trio of pretty, easy DIYs that have caught my eye lately…each of them featuring easily thrifted materials!

1. Super easy DIY wall art, c/o Pear & Peacock

2. Faux gold dino pendant, c/o Papernstitch

3. Summery T-shirt makeover, c/o Thrift Candy.

I’m looking forward to hosting a small crafting /doggy play session/happy hour tomorrow with some really awesome gals…we’re making these mood mists c/o Martha Stewart. I hope y’all have wonderful days!