clickin’ around, vol. 17

On a scale of one to 10, my love for this dress is about 1,879. I want it so hard.

♥ Magnets made from Instagram pics. Also known as genius.

Tips for eating my favorite food without being rude. How handy!

♥ What would go well with a heaping pile of nachos? These nectarine vodka coolers from Iowa Girl Eats.

Since we’re discussing drinky drinks, how cute is this illustrated story book of cocktails? I want it.

 I loved these pro tips for false-lash application c/o the ever-s0-addictive site Beautylish. Very helpful stuff.

Check out all the cute mani ideas in this Refinery 29 slideshow. Looks number three, eight and 12 are my faves.

♥ And in case you forgot, I’M SEEING DOLLY PARTON TOMORROW. Here’s a little gospel medley she does I just adore.



1 thought on “clickin’ around, vol. 17

  1. Ahhh Budwieser dress… It takes me back to my childhood. Fetching daddy a beer with salt was “big girl work”. Does that sound awful? Oh to be young and white trash. It was a delight. I think this dress marries my past and my present beautifully.

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