clickin’ around, vol. 15


 I wish The Thrift Store Cowboy lived closer to Minneapolis. We’d definitely be friends.

 Is Goodsie the new Etsy? Some smart people in my life are saying yes.

 A nice article on the queen of soul.

 A big old school bus full of vintage clothes…swoon.

♥ Why don’t they make television shows like this anymore?

 Dieting is for dummies…unless it’s the of the digital variety.

♥ The odds are good that I’ll blog a margarita recipe every week now through September. I’m sorry! Here are directions on how to make raspberry sangria margaritas. Num.

 The odds are also good I’ll blog a cute mani on the regular. Again, sorry! But c’mon…how pretty is this idea? Too pretty not to share.

 I don’t know squat about art, which is probably why I found this post, by one of Minneapolis’ funniest writers, so helpful.

 This post inspired me to add some new movies to my Netflix queue, including Foxes.

♥ Speaking of movies, enjoy these life lessons from the movie Clueless.

And last but not least, check out two new Tumblr crushes…Squirrels with Lasers and Animals Being D*cks.



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