catching up…4th of july thrift-store finds

There’s a lot to love about three-day weekends. (Namely, having three days off work!) It’s the whole squeezing in five days of work into four that can be a little bit on the sucky side. I was so busy last week, I didn’t have time to thrift once or to sit down and share some of my finds from the 4th of July weekend.  So, without further excuses, lemme catch you up…

I got a good amount of clothes on the 4th, but the dress that makes my heart flip-flop is this stunning silk number from the 1960s…the pattern is so lovely and it’s in absolutely mint condition.

A close-up of the pattern…

I can’t stop thrifting books lately! I purged a ton at the garage sale, so I feel like it’s justifiable for me to bring home more. Plus, they were half-off at the Salvation Army on the 4th.

This Bible story book from 1964 was in such good shape, I had to pick it up. It didn’t even look like it had been cracked open!

The illustrations in it are so lush and beautiful.

A 2.5-quart casserole addition to my collection of “Butterfly Gold” Pyrex…nice.

I also came home with a couple cute purses and clutches, some trays and a few kitschy plastic tumblers I was too busy lazy to photograph.

Have you been out thrifting lately? Did you score any treasures over the 4th of July weekend?



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