a mighty swell morning

Hi dears! I spent the first few hours of my morning at the shop (after a mandatory pit stop at The Baker’s Wife for a super-sized iced coffee—yum). I love being there before the day’s in full swing…I blast music (this today), price and put away pretty pieces of vintage, think of new ways to merchandise stuff…before I know it, it’s time to go to my “real” job! Anyway, I’m happy to have gotten my store chores out of the way early because tonight I’ve got a hot date with my handsome fella. I cannot wait! Hopefully your days are going well, too. I’ll be back soon with a brand new store review…



P.S. Photos were taken with the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps.

5 thoughts on “a mighty swell morning

  1. I will, I have always loved thrifted home decor but I am new to thrifting clothes:) anyways I will be sure to stop by sometime soon, also I am ruffledsnob on instagram, what’s your username? I would love to find you on there!

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