comfy summer uniform

Busy weeks like this one have me craving comfort. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner eaten in jeans and a T-shirt with a shoulder rub from my honey for dessert kind of comfort. Except here’s the thing…I don’t actually own a pair of jeans. In the great pre-rummage sale purge, I tossed all my hole-y ones, which left me with, well, none. Good thing I have plenty of skirts and tees, a combo just as amenable to pasta dinners and back rubs, thank goodness. Want to see some comfy casual looks I’ve been eying up for inspiration lately? Behold…

Katy, from Kansas Couture, nails it here in this badass eagle tee, lace-less loafers and some nice accessories. I don’t know how this band she’s repping sounds, but I’m pretty sure I’d be a fan just so I could scoop up their tee. Snaps for Katy for thrifting nearly everything pictured, too!

Mandi, from Here’s Looking at me Kid fame, also has this whole look down pat. I’d really love to own one of these “Midwest is Best” tees from Megan Lee Designs someday. One more cute-related side note: I’ve got to pick up some ankle socks ASAP (or just find the ones I purchase last spring and immediately lost).

Outfits like Amanda’s make me feel like a pansy for my day-to-day color choices. I adore her banana yellow bag with that ’80s-ish dotted top, and how the chambray skirt tones everything down.

Last but not least, if you’ve got the bod to pull off a crop top and body-con skirt, feel free to do it like this Polish cutie does. I’m such a fan of white tennies paired with short skirts.

Now that you know about my comfy summer uniform, why don’t you tell me about yours?



1 thought on “comfy summer uniform

  1. So cute!
    I’m totally going to try to adapt these tips into my summer wardrobe. Right now all I wear is cut offs and a Foxy Falafel T-shirt. Must try harder to look cuter!!!

    Thanks Meghan!

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