clickin’ around, vol. 14


Ready for your weekly dose of things interesting things on the Internets? Off we go…

Like the pic above? It’s from my tumblr crush of the week, That Kind of Woman.

“Mirror cleansing.” I like this idea (and this entire post) a whole heck of a lot.

The Ghost Adventurers visited Loretta Lynn’s ranch and I missed it. Poop.

These Tennessee sunset pics are making me all nostalgic for vacation.

Silly me. Why haven’t I been following Time Enough for Drums until now?

Got to try this ombre mani how-to ASAP.

These yummy micheladas would go perfectly with nachos. So would these frozen peach margs. Yum, yum, yum.

I hope y’all have had beauteous days so far. After work I’m heading up to St. Cloud to visit with my man’s fam. If I’m lucky, we’ll squeeze in a stop at Savers, too! Wheeeee!



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