heckya fargo thrifting


This weekend, I’m excited to f-i-n-a-l-l-y head up to Fargo for a mini thrifting adventure. Going to new thrift stores makes me downright giddy, which I know is probably not normal at all. But really, spending the weekend hunting for awesome stuff that lies just a day away—how can that not be a fun time? I’ve saved up some dollars for gas and goodies too, which means I don’t feel badly about stopping a lot on the way there and back. St. Cloud, Alexandria, Fergus Falls, wherever else is on the way, I’m a comin’ for ya!


I wish I could leave right this instant BUT…this girl’s got bills to pay (lots of ’em) and a to-do list at work that’s freakishly long, so it’s off to the office I go. I hope you all have wonderful Fridays!



3 thoughts on “heckya fargo thrifting

  1. fargo has quite a few neat spots (i can’t remember them offhand) but i’m jealous you’re doing a thrifting roadtrip! if you happen to come through STC and want to meet for Bravos, give me a ring. this girl is ALWAYS willing to eat some Bravos!

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