clickin’ around, vol. 13


Happy Tuesday dears! Here are a few things I’ve been loving on this week…

Seeing my dear friend Jessica’s beautifully curated loft space on Design*Sponge yesterday. I practically jumped out of my chair with excitement—I’m so happy and proud of her!

Finding out that my favorite vintage store in Minneapolis (um, besides my own), started a Tumblr this week. Give ’em a follow! (I heard they’re giving away something awesome once they get to 50 followers!)

Making giant bowls of salads and living off them for days. I made this one last night and it is yummy.

Giggling at these artsy pothole photos.

Being moved by this brave blogger and her ambitious new project.

Ignoring my to do list to pour over vintage Vogue editorials on Youthquakers. Such an awesome time suck (and way more fun than mopping my floors)!

Loving the latest  podcast from Girl Germs Radio featuring the lovely C.L.A.P. gals. Lots of great DIY advice, as well as the usual awesome tunes.





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